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Solar energy is more than abundant enough to completely replace carbon based fuels but the technology to harvest was too expensive to compete. Any idea we could have adopted solar in spite of this ignores the lessons of histoy that suggest we would go to war rather than pay more. For any desired outcome to become reality, you have to work with market forces. Without a technology that can compete with oil and gas such goals as the hydrogen economy will remain a dream and we will continue on the fast track to a global calamity. But with a technology that can compete with oil and gas, the hydrogen economy becomes an inevitability.
Fortunately, the tide has turned and the market forces are starting to flow in the same direction that the green movement is trying to swim. There is still huge inertia but the commercial opportunities for solar have increased far more than is generally realized.
Our mission is both to play a role in the development of these opportunities and to act as a center of information to aid others to do so. This website gives general information covering how most of the key energy requirments of the world can be met by clean alternatives that are already economicly viable. And in July of this year, we shall be opening a forum so that reaserchers in the field can publish their work.